Reykjavík is the capital of Iceland and it has a population of about 120,000. The University of Iceland campus is within a walking distance of downtown Reykjavík. Please consult Google maps for the distance between campus and your hotel.

Due to a rapid rise in tourism in recent years, we strongly recommend that you make your travel arrangements as early as you are able to do so. The availability of flights and hotel rooms is likely to be limited and expensive for those who make their travel plans late. Booking should not be problem if it is done well ahead of the date of the conference.


There are direct flights to Iceland from several cities in North America (5-6 hours) and Europe (2-4 hours). Airlines that frequently fly to Iceland include Icelandair, WOW Air and Easy Jet. The travel search engine returns a range of possible flights and connections to Iceland and compares prices across airlines.

Tours and excursions

Reykjavík Erupts. Visit the Volcanoes: 26 October

Raufarhólshellir Cave Tour: 26 October

Golden Circle: 30 October

Registration to these tours are made by sending an email to