Practical info

Handouts and slides

If you are bringing handouts for a talk, 100 copies should be enough. If you send us a pdf of your handout, we will be happy to upload the file and link to it in the online program. This is of course optional.

If you will be using slides, please send the slides as a pdf document to so that we can set them up at the computer in the room where you will be giving the talk. Please indicate in the email which session you are in, for example, “Session B1” (refer to the online program for this information). You should still check that the slides are working properly before your session starts but it will save some time if we can have the slides ready on the computer beforehand. This is the recommended primary strategy to get slides onto the computer. When sending the slides, let us know if you want us to upload the slides to the online program as well. We are happy to do so but that is of course optional.

If you cannot send your slides early enough for the above method to work, you can put the slides onto the computer in a break before your session starts. There will be a local coordinator in the room helping out with technology issues if there are any. You can have your slides on a usb stick as a backup strategy, but we recommend that you do not rely on usb sticks as the only way to access your slides. Also make them available to yourself online, for example using Dropbox or an online email service.

Poster session information

The poster sessions will be held at the Háskólatorg building at the university. That includes the Friday poster session when the talks will be at Hótel Saga. The poster session manager, Iris Edda, will be able to assist you hanging up your poster during the morning registration period as well as during morning coffee breaks before the poster session. Feel free to contact her with questions regarding the poster session. We encourage you to prepare your poster for presentation in the morning before the session starts (either during early registration or during a coffee break).

Contact for poster presentation issues:

Iris Edda Nowenstein (

WIFI access

The first day of the conference takes place at the Radisson Blu Saga Hotel. The hotel has an open wireless network called RADISSON_GUEST. This is an open network and there is no password.

The University of Iceland has Eduroam so if you have Eduroam access, your devices should get internet access right away without any further configuration. There will also be a special wireless network for the conference that others can log on to. Just look for a network named CONFERENCE on your device while on the university campus and connect to it. You do not need a password to connect. If you have problems connecting, feel free to talk to us at the registration desk and we will figure out what is wrong.

Printing in Reykjavík

If you can, we encourage you to print any handouts and posters beforehand and bringing them to Iceland to avoid any last minute problems regarding printing. However, if you do need to print in Reykjavík, there is a copy place near the University of Iceland called Háskólaprent:

(Note that you will see a Google map of the location if you scroll down)

Their street address is: Fálkagata 2

If you plan to use their services, it might be a good idea to check with them beforehand to make sure that you will get the copies in time for your presentation. Note that they are not open on Saturday/Sunday. Their email is: and their phone number is +354 588 1162 (where the +354 part is the international code for Iceland).


A light lunch (sandwiches) will be provided on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. This will include vegetarian and vegan options. On Friday and Saturday, the university cafeteria, Háma, will also be open for lunch for those who would like to purchase other types of food or beverages. Háma is located in the Háskólatorg building. Food can also be bought at the Student Cellar (location of Saturday party).